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Dizzzy Adventures
Rainbow in the Swale Anchor at Brownsea Pot pooling First Fish - ever! Sunset at Swale
European travels by sea and road
Our adventures have been a fantastic and liberating experience. We started off in June 2008 aboard a 42ft steel sail boat. At first the freedom was a shock to the system, we spent the majority of our time seeking out the anchorages along the south coast of England and learning to cope.
We spent our first winter in Brighton Marina. Here we continued to prepare Dizzzy for longer voyages.
Many destinations were discussed. Our unanimous decision was to focus on an achievable goal. To explore all the Channel Islands, drop in to North Brittany then close the circle by visiting Cornwall and travelling back along the south coast.
This was perfect. The Channel Islands were a paradise beyond our expectations. Along the way we achieved the family spirit we were looking for and our sailing experience increased tenfold.
Then another idea, we still wanted to travel in Europe so rather than spending another winter aboard the boat we decided to buy an old motor home and set off straight away. Having already learnt to live in a small space and travel on a budget this suited us perfectly.
So without the restrictions of weather and season we wandered in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and Belgium.
If you would like to read more and see some of the pictures feel free to take a look at the logbook.
So now the time has come for us to settle down for a while. We plan to set up home in West Sussex and also start a new business. Keeping the spirit that the travels have taught us we hope that this new adventure will be as fulfilling as the last.
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